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Aiming Higher’s literacy component is designed with best practices related to “deep learning” that foster the reading to learn skills needed in fourth grade and beyond. The program is built to develop the whole child by balancing the academics with highly enjoyable and engaging physical fitness sessions and healthy living activities four additional days per week. We concentrate on the whole child engaging at-risk youth in three multi-faceted components working together to elevate literacy, personal development, and health & fitness as the platform upon which intellectual vigor can flourish.

Aiming Higher is currently in operation in multiple Cleveland Metro schools with plans to expand into more CMSD schools in the near future. Each program location works with 24 students in the 3rd grade.
Third grade is a milestone year when third graders take the Ohio Achievement Test to be assessed for fourth grade readiness. The children transition from “learning to read to reading to learn” when textbook learning is introduced. Our Aiming Higher Literacy Tutoring Program helps at risk students develop academically in the areas of reading, writing, and oral communication.
Aiming Higher helps sharpen cognitive skills and prepare students for fourth grade academic achievement through:

  • Aloud, independent, and textbook reading
  • Writing and articulating in response to reading
  • Critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration
  • Personalized assistance and guidance : Our Literacy programming offers 72 additional hours of reading time per semester; it occurs 24 weeks/year, twice/week for 120 minutes
  • Exposure to great literature: We include over 175 classic books ranging from a 1st grade to 4th grade reading ability that align with and enhance the school curriculum
  • Journaling and discussion
  • Communications
Physical Fitness and well-being are directly related to scholastic achievement. We help active youth redirect their energy into participating as a part of a team, playing collaboratively, and building social capital.
Children learn a lot about life while playing team sports. Our Health & Fitness component:

  • Reinforces and active lifestyle
  • Teaches the benefits, values and ethics of competition
  • Models the social skills necessary to adapt to a team environment
  • Demonstrates that winning and losing are a healthy part of life
  • Provides personal growth opportunities by showing how it feels to be valued
Through our experiential and hands-on programs, personal development can help students connect learning with their realities and opportunities. Our personal development opportunities promote health, vitality, and socialization as the platform upon which intellectual vigor can flourish by:

  • Connecting youth with successful community role models to help them create a new identity
  • Igniting the desire to connect with a high-achieving group
  • Offering exposure to community resources designed for their benefit
  • Countering and redirecting inadequate socialization and coping skills


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The goal of this multi-faceted program is to aid in the development of a well-rounded child by developing the necessary skills to succeed in school and beyond.
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